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Image by Amy Chen


Hello, and let me begin by thanking you for visiting my website. My name is Ryan, and I grew up in Los Angeles County, California. As a kid, I dreamt of many commodities, but my upbringing did not consist of a lavish lifestyle. My family was financially stable, but I began to hustle at a young age anyways to help provide for my family. Because I was born with Arthrogryposis, a physical disability that attacks my joints throughout my arms and legs, finding work was difficult. I often felt discouraged due to my inability to find a job. One day, my sister suggested that if I wanted to find work, I needed to attend a college and get a degree. With a degree, employers would not be able to discount my capabilities due to my disability.

As soon as I started attending East Los Angeles College, the power of education began to shine bright on my future, and the road to my education was about to begin; Street Gold was established. My focus went from finding a job, to focusing on making my dreams become a reality. Not only did I want to be successful growing up, but I wanted to be someone the hard-working people from my community could be proud of. With support from my family, friends, and the professors and faculty at ELAC, my dreams became a reality the day I transferred to the University of California, Los Angeles.


Not only is Street Gold a label and a brand, but #StreetGold was created to highlight all the raw brilliance that comes from the streets. The same way pure gold is indestructible, regardless of how much heat is applied, people that acknowledge the communities that raised them, and understand the importance of hard work, dedication, and education, are also indestructible. Regardless of what community you come from, Street Gold was created to connect and uplift everyone.


Educational Background

Associates Degree

English Degree

East Los Angeles College (ELAC)

Bachelors Degree

Major in English

Minor in Chicano Studies

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) 

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